Trademark Designing

Trademark design and trademark search are the beginning of creating a brand for enterprises. LEXGOAL IP LAW OFFICE does its best to combine brand design with trademark search, overcoming the dilemma that enterprise designs a trademark elaborately but cannot obtain protection both at home and abroad.

Trademark Designing

We have professional trademark designers with more than five years of experience. Methods for designing trademark names :

1. Designing trademark name by person’s name, namely, by the name of the trademark owner or founder, such as "Li Ning Sportswear".

2. Designing trademark name by place’s name, namely, with the cradle of enterprises or products, or places related to the trademark and having a special significance of coreference, such as "Tsingtao Brewery". However, according to the provisions of the trademark law, place names above the county level or foreign places name known to the public shall not be registered as trademark.

3. Designing trademark by animal and plant name, namely, using all kinds of animals and plants name as a method of trademark designing, such as "Peony TV".

4. Designing brand name with numbers and letters, namely, by choosing and arranging the Arabic numerals and English letters, such as "555 Cigarettes".

5. Designing trademarks in the classical language.

6. Designing a trademark name with newly created words, that is, to use the high visibility of loanwords, innovation word as a trademark name, which is an outcome of mutual fusion and penetration of Chinese and other ethnic languages.

7. Designing a trademark name with slang, namely, naming the trademark with the popular language or the spoken lanuages people love.

8. Designing a trademark name by translation of the English into the Chinese, namely, putting the English into Chinese.

9. Designing a trademark name with the space-time concept, namely, naming the trademark with a space-time concept.

10. Designing a trademark name by the way of moral, that is, a type of trademark naming which the words chosen by the enterprise could endue a special meaning to the trademark.

11. Designing a trademark name by the way of enterprise name.

12. Trdemark design indicating the characteristics of the goods or services.

-- from "International Brand Standardization Handbook"

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