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SIPO and UKIPO Ink the 2018 Bilateral Workplan

Date:11/16/2017 01:45 PM
Source: China IP News
Commissioner Shen Changyu hosted his British counterpart, Tim Moss, Chief Executive/Comptroller General of the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) at the State Intellectual Property Office(SIPO) in Beijing on November 10, updating the 2018 Bilateral Workplan between the two established partners.
"UKIPO is an important and proven friend of SIPO," said Shen. "The two offices have achieved effective cooperation in high-level dialogues, patent examination exchanges and personnel training since establishing our partnership 20 years ago. In the context of the profound advancement of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and UK these years, we have seen more sophisticated cooperative structure and more expansive areas of cooperation, delivering our share of contribution to science and technology development of our two countries."
"The two offices are truly working closer in the IP field," responded Moss."The two offices have carried out practical cooperation in IP matters of mutual concern since our first agreement back in 1996, bringing tangible benefits to enterprises and people of the two countries."
Prior to the signing, Moss reviewed the results of cooperation in 2017 with SIPO Deputy Commissioner He Zhimin, sharing comments between them on the proposed cooperative tasks in 2018 and IP matters of mutual concern.
The 2018 Bilateral Workplan features high-level talks, legal and policy information sharing, patent examination and patent examiner exchange and China-UK IP symposium. 

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