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Xian Guoyi, Director-General of MOFCOM: MOFCOM is promoting IPR protection at exhibitions

Date:10/22/2017 08:41 PM


China Economic Net ( sponsored by the Economic Daily organized a series of interviews titled “China will see a glorious exhibition industry through transformation & upgrading and innovation-driven development”. On October 3, Xian Guoyi, Director-General of Service Trade and Commercial Service Industry under MOFCOM accepted an online interview with and indicated that “IPR is extremely important to the brand development in the exhibition sector, and MOFCOM is actively promoting the IPR protection at exhibitions”.

“Exhibition is a platform for the concentrated release of new technology and new products. And, the IPR protection is significant to the brand influence and sustainable development of an exhibition,” Xian Guoyi indicated.

In 2006, MOFCOM and relevant authorities jointly issued Measures on IPR Protection at Exhibitions. In the work related to exhibition administration, the commercial authorities strictly require that the exhibition sponsors should ensure exhibit quality and IPR protection. For every exhibition, an IPR protection plan should be formulated. The sponsors should set up an IPR protection office to strengthen rights protection and assistance, accept complaints and deal with the arising problems in a timely manner.

Xian Guoyi emphasized that “the protection of exhibition names and logos is also an important part to promote the exhibition brands. As the exhibition industry involves the application of many new products, technology and models, IPR protection is of significance. MOFCOM is making more efforts on IPR protection in this regard by supporting and encouraging the exhibition enterprises in developing and utilizing such intangible assets as name, logo and goodwill of exhibition in the forms of patents and trademarks so as to improve the creation, utilization and protection of IPRs”. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the Chinese exhibition enterprises have been raising their awareness of patent protection. From 2012 to 2016, patented technologies at exhibitions kept a steady and rapid increase in number.

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