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Shanghai Trademark Examination Coordination Center officially unveiled

Date:10/17/2017 03:27 PM

On September 29, Shanghai Trademark Examination Coordination Center was officially launched. Zhang Mao, Head and Secretary of CPC Leadership Group of SAIC announced the opening for the Center. SAIC and Shanghai People’s Government jointly signed the cooperation agreement on implementing trademark and brand strategies.



It is learned that according to the cooperation agreement, SAIC and the People’s Government of Shanghai will jointly set up a consultation and communication system and identify the work divisions in order to promote their cooperation in eight areas, that is to


- promote the reform of trademark registration facilitation,


- push forward the implementation of trademark strategies in Shanghai,


- boost the effective utilization and aggregation of trademarks and brands,


- explore the reform of comprehensive IPR management,


- drive the overseas development of trademarks and brands,


- strengthen exclusive trademark protection,


- enhance talent cultivation in this regard, and


- jointly establish the cooperation mechanism for trademarks and brands.


All these efforts are made to build Shanghai into a model of national trademark and brand strategy implementation, a new leading place of trademark and brand development and protection and a center of trademark and brand development that can influence East China and serve the whole country.


Zhang Mao and Ying Yong, Mayor of Shanghai witnessed the agreement signing and delivered speeches. Liu Junchen, SAIC Deputy Head and Xu Kunlin, Vice Mayor attended the ceremony and signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of their respective organs. 

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