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Shen Changyu Addresses the Opening Ceremony of China Patent Annual Conference 2017

Date:9/12/2017 08:46 PM


On September 5, the China Patent Annual Conference 2017, themed as "Patent, Driving the Growth of Real Economy," was opened in Beijing. SIPO Commissioner Shen Changyu said in his speech that he hoped a joint effort could be made by all concerned to seek effective ways to make patent better serve the real economy, so as to inject new vitality into the prosperity and development of China and the world economy as a strong supportive force.


Shen Changyu pointed out that since the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have been focusing on the sustainable and healthy development of national economy and thus put real economy on a more important position. The Central Economic Working Conference held in late 2016 made revitalization of real economy a major approach to deepening the supply-side structural reform. This has manifested the determination of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core to boost real economy. Accordingly, it is worthy of our thinking and exploration on how to make patent better support the development of real economy for their positive interaction and synergy. We intellectual property professionals should implement the relevant policies of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to help real economy enjoy better and faster development.


Shen Changyu said that with the emergence of a new round of science and technology revolution, competition in real economy will be more and more witnessed in patent and other intellectual property services. He elaborated on how intellectual property (IP) propels real economy in the following four aspects. Firstly, increasing IP innovation and application will enhance the technical supply to real economy and thus inject new impetus into real economy continuously. Secondly, strengthening IP protection and improving protection work efficiency will create a sound innovation and business environment. Thirdly, we will actively promote IP reform for a lower institution-related transaction cost and better quality of public IP services to businesses. Fourthly, we will expand international IP cooperation and communication; advocate an inclusive, balanced and effective approach for the development of international IP rules, so as to further promote exchanges among nations in the areas of economy, trade, culture, science and technology.


Shen Changyu said that, focusing on enhancing the level of IP technical supply to real economy, SIPO has launched a program of improving patent quality to vigorously cultivate high-value core patents. In the meantime, with the establishment of a mechanism and a platform, we will strengthen the integrated application of IP to accelerate the conversion of patent achievements. Driven by a series of efforts, IP business forms nationwide spring up like mushroom and technology transactions are growing warming up. In 2016, the total number of patent operations nationwide reached more than 170,000, including patent transfer, licensing and pledges, a year-on-year increase of 20%. The realization of IP value is speeding up.


Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Luo Wen, SIPO Deputy Commissioner He Hua, and WIPO Assistant Director General Yoshiyuki Takagi attended the annual conference. They gave a keynote speech respectively at the main forum, covering issues such as promoting the innovative development of manufacturing industry, the sound development of real economy, and the building of a global innovation system. Also present at the annual conference were SIPO Party Leadership Member Xiao Xingwei, SIPO Deputy Commissioner Zhang Maoyu, Deputy Directors of SIPO Patent Office Xu Zhijiang and Xu Cong.


"The Patent Information Annual Conference of China" has been successfully organized for seven years in a row by the Intellectual Property Publishing House Co., Ltd. Renamed as the China Patent Annual Conference this year, it runs for two days this time. In addition to the main forum, there are also seven breakout sessions themed as "Patents Facilitate Transforming and Upgrading of Real Economy," "Evolving Global Patent Monetization Market," "Utilization of Patent Information in Context of AI," among others. More than 100 guests and over 8,000 representatives will have in-depth discussions on the annual conference themes and contribute inspiring ideas to the transforming and upgrading of China's real economy. They are from international organizations such as WIPO, the Eurasian Patent Organization, the European Patent Office, the state IP authorities of countries including Hungary, Turkey, Czech Republic, Singapore, as well as Chinese government departments concerned, domestic and foreign enterprises, service agencies, and the academia. (Translated from SIPO Website Chinese Version)  

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